The City of the Ores

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The City of the Ores

Post by PinkPrincess11 on Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:37 pm

Hi people ^_^
So I've been working on a new town lately, and yesterday (20/10-12) the town officially opened!

- So um... What's so special about your town then?
There's nothing really special about my town, but something as I haven't done as many people do (no offense) is i haven't made a huge flat platform where i have all the plots, i have actually made it in the wonderful nature of minecraft Very Happy

-Well... Very interesting......(not).....
Um if you're interested i can tell you more about it.

- Well.....Um..... Nnnnnnnnnnnno
I've been building my town in a different way. i've built districts named after the ores in minecraft, and therefore the town is called......... Mineral City Very Happy

- Kk
The town is huuuge, and took long time to build due to much clearing land, so some of the plot are quite expensive, unfortunately.
So if you want to check my town out, do /warp MineralCity and you'll see the great land of the City of the Ores Very Happy



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Re: The City of the Ores

Post by pulsar on Sat Nov 17, 2012 10:59 am

goodluck, ill check it out when i get online! Very Happy

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