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Mod Application :D:D:D:D

Post by SyedFAhmad on Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:31 am

-- Personality --
Username on JoKaCraft: SyedFAhmad
Age: 15 (November, 28)
Male/Female: Male

-- Geograpic --
Timezone: Eastern (NY)

-- Information --
Have you donated? If no, will you donate?:
I can't donate cuz i dont have access to my parents credit card, maybe when i have my own credit card next year Smile
Do you know basic English?:
Do you have Skype?: Yes I do, Forgot the Password but i can make a new one.
How long have you been on the server?: I've been on the server for two weeks already and I know solidly how things work around in there.
How many hours a week can you be on the server?: I can be on the server on weekends for 3-4 hours including Fridays and other days when there's no school.
What is the link for your YouTube video about the server?: I would upload a Youtube Video For the Server gladly but my server provider won't allow it as I am using TimeWarnerCable and they hardly give me full service It would take days to upload a single video even if it was a mere 1 minute vid.

-- Being a moderator --
Will you help anyone that needs your help?: I will Help Everyone that needs my help and co-operate with them to the best of my abilities and use common sense i will also give out advise to newcomers of the rules and registering on the site.
Will you promote those guests that have applied on the forum?: Yes I will promote those that I see have signed up on the site and have applied on the forums
Why should we pick you as a moderator over the others?: You should pick me as a Moderator because I have has 4 years of experience as a Server Owner Of Classic and Cracked minecraft also I have earned Op and Mods on other servers but sadly I can't keep my ports open long enough and its a hastle and the other servers I have been mod
What can you offer us as a moderator of Jokacraft?: I can promote and advertise the server through my site and also through Other Servers Cool .
I can help a lot when your not around and will be on most of the time when I am home and I can get most of my friends that play minecraft cracked too to get on the server as well. Smile I will be loyal and support the server in various ways in the near future when I am (legal) Razz

-- Extra --
Comments? Want to tell us more?
Additional Information: I have been playing Minecraft for 4 years 1 of which is minecraft cracked, i have hosted my own classic and cracked server but I cant seem to keep my ports open :'( and I would Like to experience the OP That was. I cooperate well with others and dont abuse powers. I also use common sense in following the rules and solving issues dealing with guests. I hope you accept this application and consider promoting me to Moderator. Laughing. I am Sure if U consider this I will bE a Great help as a moderator on your server and will do everything in my ability to promote the server on my sites.

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