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How to become an Administrator Empty How to become an Administrator

Post by JoKeR5o9 on Sun May 27, 2012 8:39 pm

Admins have just a bit more power than moderators they get access to world edit which means you must be very trusted to use this but they are pretty much a moderator and they also take care of moderators, sometimes even our own staff can betray us so with and admin to watch out for our moderators it just makes things a bit safer, only really trusted people will end up in this group. So if your a great moderator and get denied for this rank don't take offense to it or don't think that you suck at staff it's just us keeping this rank hard to accomplish.

- You must be really really trusted by the owner
- You must be online at least 10 hours a week on the server
- You are willing to promote guests, when they have registered on the forum and posted an application
- You must be willing to be patient with less experienced users
- You must be at least 15 years old
- You must have been on the server for at least 6 weeks
- You have Skype, a microphone and agree to speak with us
- You must be willing to join a Skype call or TeamSpeak server if we ask you
- Must have donated at-least 30 usd to the server

Use the Following code as your application, fill out all the fields and make sure you honestly answer them or you will be denied

-- Personality --
Nickname in JoKaCraft:

-- Geograpic --

-- Information --
Did you read the requirements?:
Do you meet those requirements?:
Do you know basic English?:
Do you have Skype?:
How long have you been on the server (you can estimate)?:
How long can you be on the server per week?:
Have you made a YouTube video about the server?:
Have you donated at-least 30usd?

-- Being an admin --
Will you help anyone that needs your help?:
Will you promote those guests that have applied on the forum?:
Why should we pick you as an admin over the others?:
Will you tech the mods or other admins skills that they don't know and you do? For example protecting areas adding warps etc..

-- Extra --
Comments? Want to tell us more?

How to become an Administrator Joker510

How to become an Administrator Jokacr10
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