How to become a Moderator

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How to become a Moderator Empty How to become a Moderator

Post by JoKeR5o9 on Sun May 27, 2012 8:42 pm

Moderators are your bosses, they make sure no one is griefing, starting any kind of trouble etc... they have special powers, like the ability to change the weather, look through people's chests, spawn items and much more


- Must be atleast 15 years old
- Must have been on the server longer than 2 weeks
- Must be on the server atleast 10 hours a week
- Must have Skype and TeamSpeak and willing to talk if needed to
- Must have a youtube video about the server
- Must have donated atleast 15 dollars to the server

Paste the code below and make a new thread in this forum, while using it.
    -- Personality --
    Username on JoKaCraft:

    -- Geograpic --

    -- Information --
    Have you donated? If no, will you donate?:
    Do you know basic English?:
    Do you have Skype?:
    How long have you been on the server?:
    How many hours a week can you be on the server?:
    What is the link for your YouTube video about the server?:

    -- Being a moderator --
    Will you help anyone that needs your help?:
    Will you promote those guests that have applied on the forum?:
    Why should we pick you as a moderator over the others?:
    What can you offer us as a moderator of JoKaCraft?:

    -- Extra --
    Comments? Want to tell us more?

How to become a Moderator Joker510

How to become a Moderator Jokacr10
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