VIP Rules (Must Read if Applying for VIP)

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VIP Rules (Must Read if Applying for VIP) Empty VIP Rules (Must Read if Applying for VIP)

Post by JoKeR5o9 on Wed May 30, 2012 10:15 pm

Ok guys so VIP's are people who donate and we greatly appreciate that however you guys have certain rules so we can regulate our server, since i noticed we don't exactly have those rules posted anywhere i thought i would actually do it because it is a great mistake for me to punish people for a rule they are unaware of

These Rules are for all vip ranks in general so only follow the rules that apply to you because obviously you don't have access to some of these features unless your in the certain vip rank

The official VIP ranking system can be found here:

1) Cannot give out items
2) No shops allowed from VIP ranks. (ruins the economy)
3) Cant abuse the change time feaure, if abused we will find out who did it and you will be banned
4) Broadcasting unnecessary or offensive messages will also lead to a ban, broadcast is only to be used to advertise towns, shops etc, this also cannot be abused
5) Cannot create warps for others for free, if you want to create a warp for someone else you must charge them the server price for a warp which is 10k
6) Kicking players for no reason is an insta ban, leave the moderating to the staff, you are only to kick in the case of a spam attack when no mod is around and that is if you want to kick we are not obligating you to do it
7) Don't abuse the teleport players to you feature, only do it if it is ok with the other guy
Cool Cannot protect large areas of natural land, must protect areas with buildings
9) Cannot give out free protection, charge the player whatever you would like, price must be higher than server price which is 5k
10) Cannot use world edit for others even if they pay, must gain approval from admin for world edit when it comes to big changes
11) Cannot copy and paste others creations unless they agree

All of these rules are super strict rules that you must follow, failure to follow these rules will result in a permanent ban from JoKaCraft

VIP Rules (Must Read if Applying for VIP) Joker510

VIP Rules (Must Read if Applying for VIP) Jokacr10
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