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Mr_Splodes VIP Application Empty Mr_Splodes VIP Application

Post by Mr_Splodes on Sun Aug 05, 2012 8:18 pm

What is your MC username?

Have you read the rules to being a VIP? yes

What VIP Rank are you applying for? promoter

i understand that you want money for these certain ranks but the fact is im dirt poor. i had to borrow money from everyone in my family to buy this game and i feel fullfilled now that i have it. I know what it is like to own a server cuase i do and i know what its like to have rules broken and people try to get away for it. so that is why i respect admin and staff and owners cuase it isnt fun being treated like shit. my plan is to gain respect and trust and become a respectable admin on your server. noone is probably going to read this but that is ok cuase it happens all of the time. no freinds no money nothing but minecraft. :why: but im 14 and am respectable and i will respect ur wishes and commands i am ur humble staff and i will server u. Sad No


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Mr_Splodes VIP Application Empty Re: Mr_Splodes VIP Application

Post by Carmaniac on Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:15 pm

This application section is meant to be for only VIP applications where people have donated, if you want to apply for promoter then first go to the correct section and read the requirements.

Mr_Splodes VIP Application Oh3gd3

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