How someone else can donate for you

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How someone else can donate for you Empty How someone else can donate for you

Post by JoKeR5o9 on Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:32 pm

Alright so recently there has been many people trying to donate for others, now that is great and all but there is one problem, when someone donates, we take a donation as a way to trust them, which is why we require people to donate for staff ranks higher than promoter, basically if someone else donates for you, why would we trust you? you technically still never donated so you got nothing to loose, at any moment you can be on your period or something and screw the server over, so basically someone else donating for you is not allowed. However, i have come up with a method to allow it......

Here are the requirements:

1) You must know the person in real life and prove it to us somehow
2) The person donating for you must be a donator already and he must be trusted
3) You both agree that if either of you mess up somehow to get banned then you both get banned

Basically those are the requirements, people find loop holes all the time to my rules so as far as that keeps happening ill keep adding more rules so i suggest you dont try to find a loop hole around this

How someone else can donate for you Joker510

How someone else can donate for you Jokacr10
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