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Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Empty Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas

Post by MineKing on Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:32 pm

Multi Theft Auto
Tired of playing San Andreas Alone? We come up with the mod for you..

Multi Theft Auto is about making the perfect San Andreas multiplayer experience
Want to roleplay? We provide Powerful user interface system that makes otherwise complex tasks, easy. Want to drive like a maniac? We've got a brilliant race mode that let's you race thousand tracks around san andreas. Want to sneak up behind people and murder them? see a psychologist- or play our ever popular stealth mode. Want something else anybody has never thought of? Make it with our easy scripting system and map editor.

Reliable and Accurate
If you've played Grand Theft Auto online in the past, you'll know that the accuracy of the reproduction of other player's actions often leaves a lot to be desired. This is a hard thing to get perfect, but Multi Theft Auto has the best GTA synchronization out there and it's getting better all the time! Want to shoot someone's limbs one by one? MTA makes that possible!

A Great Community
Online games are all about their community, and Multi Theft Auto has a great community! We've got a great forum where you can get support for any problems you have playing MTA, get help with scripting problems or just hang out and chat. We also run a special site for downloading game modes and maps that members of the community have created.

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Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Empty Re: Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas

Post by ScHoCk3139 on Wed Nov 07, 2012 10:14 pm

nice but i dont have gta san, i only have 4 :/


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