slayerundercovers promoter application

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Solved/Denied slayerundercovers promoter application

Post by slayerundercover on Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:45 pm

- Personality-- i do not get pissed off to fast unless it's something i think is inapropriete or something that the other players dont like
Username in JoKaCraft: slayerundercover
Age:13 / almost 14

-- Geograpic --
Country:United States of America
Timezone:Pacific time zone

-- Information --
Have you read the requirements for this group?: yes i believe i have
Do you meet those requirements?:yes i believe i do other than the 50 posts.
Have you read group rules located on the rank system topic? yes
Have you donated? If no, will you donate?: if i can find my wallet or my credit card id happily donate
Do you know basic English?: yes i speak english i was born in america
How long have you been on the server?: id say for like 2 months
How many hours a week can you be on the server?: i definitly play on for over like 5 hours on the week cause of school/weekends like 5-8 hours
What is the link for your YouTube video about the server?

-- Being a promoter --
Will you help anyone that needs your help?: yes i will
Will you promote those guests that have applied on the forum?: yes
Why should we pick you as a promoter over the others?: well i do like this server it is definitly my favorite server out of all of them but the real reason i want to be a promoter is cause i like the server. and i want to explore and help out in what ways i possibley can.
What can you offer us as a promoter of JoKaCraft?: i can offer extra griefer protection i can also offer good building skills plus i can try and encourage more people to join the server and to donate. i can help keep the server undercontrol when the rest of the promoters or moderators or higher ranked people are off the server too be honest i can offer alot of things i cant explain

-- Extra --
Comments? Want to tell us more? i dont know about the 50 posts other than that i did everything else if u can get back to me on that would be nice.

Status : im from alaska im currently playing in anchorage alaska

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Solved/Denied Re: slayerundercovers promoter application

Post by Carmaniac on Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:47 pm

Denied, don't meet requirements, nor do I see you fit to be promoter at this time.

slayerundercovers promoter application Oh3gd3

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