Why i should be unbanned...

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Why i should be unbanned...

Post by MeTrOiD56 on Tue Aug 28, 2012 1:21 pm

What is your username :

Who banned you :
I'm not sure.

When were you banned :
August 25th or 26th.

Why were you banned if given reason :
It just said the BanHammer has spoken but I think it was because my friend maddmax02 and I were having a prank war and when i pranked him the admin online took it as greifing.

Give me your side of the story of whatever happened:
maddmax02, Raichu65, rumexpress and I all agreed to a prank war. The pranks included placing random blocks within their houses. We did not consider this to be greifing. I also love JokaCraft and would hate to be not able to go on.


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